“It’s 12am. Let’s get this thing together right now. We’ll blow it up and burn this motherfucker down.”

--78RPM “Dynamite”

A New York City alternative pop-rock band with anthemic melodies, unapologetic lyrics, and emotionally powerful productions. Muse meets the The Weeknd with a splash of Queen and a sprinkle of Gym Class Heroes. 

78RPM is comprised of three musician/writer/producers whose highly varied musical backgrounds come together to form something completely unexpected. Influenced by their collective experience working with artists across all genres (J-Lo, Shaggy, M.I.A., Pit Bull, Showtek, lil’ Kim, Wu Tang Clan, Chick Correa, Ron Carter, Hillary Duff, Oh Honey, and countless indie artists). With multiple gold and platinum records as well as several Grammy nods amongst them, this band is on the edge of today’s sound.

2017 Saw 78RPM become 8 Time winners of X107.5 KXTE-FM’s The Beatdown and hit The FMQB Top 30 for their single Best Friend to Enemy, heard on stations nationwide.

78RPM is:

J Dub (Lead Vocals, Percussion, Keys, Programming) is a classically-trained singer and jazz saxophonist who has performed in countless shows across the US. His soaring vocals drive the melodies of the tracks and have been likened to Marilyn Manson and Freddie Mercury, with a flair for drama and a commanding stage presence.

GC (Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Programming) is a rising star in the world of dance and reggae.  He has been featured on numerous dance tracks with today’s top DJ’s and artists.  His Jamaican background adds a layer of soul and authenticity to the edgy and pop-driven elements that keep the fans coming back for more.

Richie Cheeks (Backing Vocals, Drums, Keys, Bass, Programming) is a world-class multi-instrumentalist who started out bangin’ drums in the garages of north Jersey, and finished his formal education as classical percussionist.  His musicianship and production skills can be heard across all of the bands tracks.

On a bitterly cold Friday evening in January, when most people couldn’t find the motivation to leave their apartments, three busy music producers were doing something they hadn’t done in a long time. Sitting in a studio, writing music just for the hell of it. All of the good work done on behalf of other artists left them with little or no time to visit their own musical playgrounds--or battlegrounds, as some would see it. When you produce other people’s music, you become a de facto therapist, helping the artist express what’s happening in their lives. But these guys had problems of their own. The dissolution of a long and difficult relationship. The tragic loss of a close friend. A childhood dream dashed against the rocks. The three had plenty to write about.  And so the time for self-therapy had begun. So, over an old Wurlitzer electric piano and bottle of tequila, 78RPM was born.